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Innovation & Leadership Consultants

Innovation intervention

For organizations wanting to enable their task forces to generate innovations,Insycon trainins the task forces on innovation tools and the innovation development process.Additionally Insycon also facilitates and handholds the task forces to:

  • Generate potent innovation concepts
  • Convert them into prototypes

Insycon has distinctive expertise in the competency of innovation.The innovation tools and processes taught by Insycon are unique and have time tested potency in terms of their repeated application across organizations and industries.Moreover,Insycon facilitates the development of innovations by organizational task forces by facilitating innovation projects through fortnightly interactive innovation sessions with task forces thereby enabling them to convert potent innovation concepts into designs and designs into prototypes.

Selected projects
  • Innovation intervention for HR teams in Accenture.
  • Innovation intervention for Sales teams in GSK.
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E-Mail:Sanjiv Narang