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Strategic HR

For organizations and HR professionals who wish to develop cutting edge competencies in HR and thereby enable HR to contribute strategically to the organization rather than being an observer on the sidelines,Insycon conducts a workshop on Strategic HR which :

  • Redesigns the role of HR to include startegic HR in addition to operational HR.
  • Identifies,assimilates and applies the competencies of Strategic HR.
  • Catalyses the tranformation of HR functions from transactional to strategic.
Key focus areas
  • Transition of role of HR from transactional to strategic.
  • Strategically reactive vs. proactive HR
  • Utility of Strategic HR
  • Strategic competency profiling
  • Strategic manpower planning
  • Strategic training
  • Strategic OD
  • Strategic Positions
  • Strategic OD

Insycon has distinctive expertise in the competency of Strategic HR. Insycon has conducted multiple workshops for NTPC on Strategic HR.Insycon has also conducted multiple Strategic HR interventions for Public sector clients such as NTPC and private sector clients such as Gillette and Nestle.

Selected projects
  • Strategic HR workshops for NTPC.
  • Multiple strategic HR interventions for NTPC.
  • Strategic HR intervention for a strategic position for Gillette.
  • Strategic HR intervention for two key strategic positions in Nestle.
For more details contact:

E-Mail:Sanjiv Narang